• Yukupu (Walk)
  • Yukupu (Walk)
Artist - Shelley Patrick
(Muscogee - Creek)
Santa Fe, New Mexico


One of a Kind
Round Neck
Classic Silhouette
Knee Length
Open Front Coat
100% Silk Coat & Lining
Two Side Slash pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry Clean Only




"Yukupu (Walk)" Art Coat by Shelley Patrick

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Here is a gorgeous new piece by Shelley Patrick that radiates metallic shimmery elegance.  She has beautifully combined symbols from her Creek cultural heritage with modern, urban-looking shapes in a contemporary composition.  The double winged shapes and the emblem of symmetric designs with concentric circles on the upper back are of Muscogee origin, while the loop-ended lines and broken diagonal lines and diamond shapes lend a modern sensibility. 


"Yukupu" means walk in Creek language, and Patrick imagines the floating impressions of a relaxing walk through nature with the composition. She has kept the quiet tones of the metallic silks with her bronze and coppery paint, then adds a surprise punch of color with the apple green. It shows a unique sense of design to combine these elements so successfully and make Yukupu such a stand out piece.


Silver shantung silk shell
with deep gold shantung silk lining.
Shelley Patrick's Bio

Muscogee, Oklahoma

“I am a Muscogee (Creek) artist engaging in questioning, changing and enlarging what that designation means. My art is an expression of my personal identity interconnected with my tribal identity and affiliation. As a member of a large family of Native American artists, I grew up surrounded by the traditions of the Indian art world, both ancient and recent. I integrate historical Southeastern Native designs into several of my paintings, but I am also strongly influenced by 1960’s-70’s era Indian art, which imploded stereotypes and insisted on the creative sovereignty of Native art as a part of the wider world.”

“Like many Native American artists of my generation, I value the freedom of expression that those earlier artists earned and want to further it by eradicating the last confines placed on us as Native people and artists. To that end, I use form as a representation of self, or placement of self within an image. In this social media era when identity is a constant construct, I want my audience to experience at least a momentary sense of that timeless universality in which they feel their inherent identity without the weight of societal, personal, or historic expectations.”

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