• Winter Garden
  • Winter Garden
Artist - Jessica Doh
New York City, New York


One of a Kind
Round Neck
Classic Silhouette
Knee Length
Open Front Coat
100% Silk Coat & Lining
Two Slash Pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry Clean Only


"Winter Garden" Art Coat by Jessica Doh


Jessica Doh loves flowers and has been painting them all her life, which comes across in each of her exquisite floral pieces. With this coat she has toned down her usual super vibrant color palette just a bit, and created a large spray of blooms stretching from lower left to upper right across the back, the ends of which are continued to terminate on the front. Her typical painterly brushwork gives a wonderful artistic flair and sumptuousness. With the sleeves rolled just a bit to show a pop of hot pink at the cuffs and collar, the overall effect is really accented.


You'll look and feel as uplifting as a bouquet in winter when you wear this over basic black with pearls!


Black shantung silk shell
with hot pink shantung silk lining.


Jessica Doh's Bio

New York City

“I am an abstract sculptor, painter and textile designer. I was born in Seoul, Korea, and studied Fine Art at the University of California at Irvine. I received my BFA from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. My love for the culture and art of New York City brought me to this city three decades ago. Today, I live in Long Island City and make a living as a freelance artist.”

“My work explores my lifelong fascination with the relationship of colors to shapes, and revels in the juxtaposition of the intended and unintended. Often the most beautiful things I create are unexpected and unforeseen. It is my hope to share some of these moments through my work.”

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