• Tsigawann / Lightning

"Tsigawann / Lightning" Open Front Art Coat

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Artist - David Naranjo

Santa Clara Pueblo

One of a Kind.                                Round neck.
Features Exclusive Artwork.           Knee length.
Classic Silhouette.                         100% Silk Coat and Lining.
Open Front Long Sleeve Coat.      Dry clean only.
Two slash side pockets. 

Artist David Naranjo's new piece "Lightning" will have you electrified! His patterning of zig zag lines in soft matte black on violet shantung silk has an energetic dynamism that really makes a statement. Yet the look as a whole is not overpowering due to his restrained use of color and contrast, keeping the electricity at a perfect level of sophistication. Naranjo uses oversized versions of his native Puebloan symbology in all his Singular work, adapting it beautifully to our silk jacket medium. Here, the traditional lightning bolt symbols evoke a summer thunderstorm, something well known to residents of the southwest, and a powerfully positive symbol, for with storms come life-bringing rains. 

Wear this gorgeous coat over basic black with chunky silver jewelry and give the world a jolt when you walk in the room!

Violet shantung silk with a black silk lining.


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