• Surprising Shutters in Turquoise
  • Surprising Shutters in Turquoise
Artist - Sarah Nolan
Santa Fe, New Mexico
One of a Kind
Round Neck
Classic Silhouette
Knee Length
Open Front Jacket
100% Silk Coat & Lining
Two Side Slash pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry Clean Only

"Surprising Shutters in Turquoise" Jacket by Sarah Nolan

Such gorgeous colors on this one! The beautiful turquoise silk outer paired with the deep fuschia lining is lovely on it's own. But artist Sarah Nolan adds just the right mix of colors to take it up another couple levels. With her characteristic eye for color she's used deep blue, pale pink, gold and silver to perfect effect here, creating a piece that is vibrant without being over the top.
The turquoise tuxedo silk is a silk/wool blend that gives a bit more body to the line and has a wonderful sheen to it.
Wear this jacket length piece to the office or out to lunch in a more casual fashion, yet also looks fabulous over all black for a special evening out. Pair with either silver or gold jewelry since there are both colors in the artwork! The fuschia at the collar and cuffs adds a pop of color.
Turquoise tuxedo silk shell with
deep fuschia shantung link lining.
Sarah Nolan's Bio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I was born in Mississippi and had a childhood that included eating fried chicken (yum!), fishing for bass, and swinging on wisteria vines.”

“I Moved to New York City after college and began a different life working in tall gray buildings, wearing gray/black/blue clothes and getting an MBA at night at NYU. I spent endless hours at a top consulting firm restructuring really big companies.”

“The next phase of my career began as a corporate innovator/rejuvenator and CEO. I restructured two large financial subsidiaries and three very small internet companies. Then I stopped and became a consultant for non-profit organizations.”

One day, pneumonia caught me and I thought I would die. When I got better I began to paint seven days a week to learn how to make art. I learned to paint on non-traditional fabrics with objects in addition to paintbrushes. I went to India to learn wood block printing and to paint clothing.”

“While living in New York City, prior to attending a women’s luncheon, I decided I was tired of wearing traditional dull-colored suits and made a brightly painted silk coat to wear. Other attendees wanted to know where they could get one, and Singular Couture was born.”

I love painting original pieces of clothing. Now I have the additional fun of finding talented artists to add to our roster of artists who paint pieces for Singular Couture.”

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