• Courage
  • Courage

Artist - Raquel Bell
Los Angeles, California 

One of a Kind
Round Neck
Classic Silhouette
Knee Length
Open Front Coat
100% Silk Coat & Lining
Two Slash Pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry Clean Only


"Courage" Art Coat by Raquel Bell


"Courage" is a coat that carries archetypal icons that emanate from artist Raquel Bell's fascinating and unique imagination. Combining simple, mysterious symbols that seem to tell a story in the way of ancient rock petroglyphs, she has created a composition that is both powerful and spare. The pale pastel colors contrast against the black silk background and are accented by the hot pink pop of color at the collar and cuffs.


Her theme is courage, her technique is as brave as poetry, and the end result is a look that is both primeval and ultra modern. Wear these totems of the ancient and contemporary and imagine the hintings of heroism they portray. You might just feel your own courage rise to the occasion!


Black shantung silk shell
with hot pink shantung silk lining.

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