• Royston Fever
  • Royston Fever

"Royston Fever" Art Coat by Anthony Gchachu

Artist - Anthony Gchachu
Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico


Classic Silhouette
Open Front Coat  
Round Neck
Knee length 
Two Slash Pockets
100% Silk Coat and Lining 
Dry clean only


What a gorgeous color combination on this new piece by Zuni artist Anthony Gchachu. To complement the rich royal blue and silver lining of this coat, Gchachu chose silver paint to render his signature swirling Zuni bird symbols in. A single line of gracefully branching motifs travels around the body of the coat from the top of the back side down to the lower left and back up the upper right of the front, creating a beautiful wrapped design for visual interest from any side.



The triangular shapes outlined by the silver lines are painted to resemble the famous Royston turquoise stones, much sought after for southwest jewelry designs for its beautiful matrices of brown and pale blue coloring. For an exquisite final touch, Gchachu has painted a tiny, delicate bluebird, perched at the very end of a spiral on the right side of the front as an extra little jewel!



Wear "Royston Fever" over basic black, or try it over a shimmery silver top and pant for a truly stunning look. Pair it with your favorite silver and turquoise necklace and express your own "Royston Fever!"

Royal blue shantung silk shell
with silver shantung silk lining.


Anthony Gchachu's Bio

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

“I am a 23 year old Native American artist from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. I started painting when I was about 5 years old and am mostly self-taught. I have entered many art shows and won awards for my artistic ability.”

“My passion is painting, but I also draw, sculpt, weave, and make pottery. This is what makes me unique, having the skill to do various mediums well. I love to paint because I love the feeling of making people happy through the images I create.”

The style of painting I do uses traditional Zuni symbols and I also like to do still life compositions. Most of my paintings are of Zuni proverbs and stories that I grew up with. The medium I paint in is acrylic and oil. I paint these stories to spread awareness about Zuni culture, and to inspire people to chase their dreams.”

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