• P'o Stawa (Blue Trail)
  • P'o Stawa (Blue Trail)

"P'o Stawa (Blue Trail)" Open Front Art Vest by David Naranjo

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Artist - David Naranjo

Santa Clara Pueblo

One of a Kind                   
Round neck
Classic Silhouette             
Fingertip length
Open Front Vest               
100% Silk Vest & Lining
Two slash pockets            
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry clean only


Artist David Naranjo's signature look uses oversized Puebloan symbology in a simple black on color graphic presentation. But he has also done a series of sensational straight geometrics, filling the garment with perfectly rendered lines and shapes, and based in traditional native design but having a very contemporary, urban and almost pop art sensibility. This gorgeous, eye-catching vest shows a simple concentric diamond pattern, centered on the front opening and covering the entire piece.  He's used straight black paint on slightly textured peacock blue silk for this classic cut vest.

Wear it over a simple, black top and pants with a minimal chunky necklace for a special evening out. Or dress it down over a long sleeved black tee and skinny jeans for a more casual look. Either way you're sure to turn heads when you walk in the room!

About David Naranjo

Artist DAVID NARANJO  My name is David A. Naranjo and I am from Santa Clara Pueblo. I am a contemporary Puebloan artist and currently a senior at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working in multiple mediums to depict cultural symbolism through Puebloan pottery designs and fine geometrical linear work.

Art Coat Painted by DAVID NARANJOMy inspiration has come from learning the Tewa language. While learning the language, I obtained a deeper understanding and connection of our cultural practices and found that a lot can be said with few words because you speak from your heart. I found our way of life to be a form of poetry and seek to show understanding and respect while making art as a form of prayer and ceremony. 

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