• Grasshopper
  • Grasshopper
  • Grasshopper
Artist - Anthony Gchachu
Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
One of a Kind 
Round neck
Classic Silhouette
Knee length
Open Front Coat 
100% Silk Coat & Lining
Two slash pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork 
Dry clean only


"Grasshopper" Art Coat by Anthony Gchachu

This is a lovely piece by Anthony Gchachu in different colors than his typical work. Inspired by the deep forest green of the silk shell came the idea of a grasshopper, and Gchachu painted the gold inset details in a mottled brown, pale green and turquoise pattern suggestive of malachite or turquoise. He added several butterflies in complimentary colors to add a touch of extra beauty. The rich gleaming metallic paint really stands out against the dark silk with a regal, yet light and graceful look. And as if that weren't enough, Gchachu gave us a real surprise with a circling flock of butterflies on the lining so you will walk in exquisite beauty inside and out!

Picture "Grasshopper" over a gold top and pants with gold jewelry for a stunning evening look, or dress this one down for a casual occasion over a white blouse and khaki slacks with brown flats. 

Forest green shantung silk shell with
gold shantung silk lining. Anthony Gchachu's Bio

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

“I am a 23 year old Native American artist from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. I started painting when I was about 5 years old and am mostly self-taught. I have entered many art shows and won awards for my artistic ability.”

“My passion is painting, but I also draw, sculpt, weave, and make pottery. This is what makes me unique, having the skill to do various mediums well. I love to paint because I love the feeling of making people happy through the images I create.”

The style of painting I do uses traditional Zuni symbols and I also like to do still life compositions. Most of my paintings are of Zuni proverbs and stories that I grew up with. The medium I paint in is acrylic and oil. I paint these stories to spread awareness about Zuni culture, and to inspire people to chase their dreams.”

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