• Natasha - Chef's Coat - Lisbon
  • Natasha - Chef's Coat - Lisbon
  • Natasha - Chef's Coat - Lisbon
Artist - Natasha Nargis
Santa Fe, New Mexico


100% Cotton
Two Side Pockets
Double Breasted Styling
Hand-Dyed Using Shibori Technique
12 Cloth Covered Buttons
Wide Collar Detail
Hip Length


"Natasha - Chef's Coat - Lisbon" Chef's Jacket by Natasha Nargis

Here's a fabulous new item by renowned local artist Natasha Nargis: her line of Shibori hand-dyed chef's coats! With casual chic styling and the artful patterning of the Shibori dye marks they're a really fun look. Nargis names her pieces after favorite travel locations. Here we have "Lisbon" and the gorgeous Pacific blue and rich bronze brings to mind the feel of that lively port city.

Shibori is an ancient Japanese technique of dying fabric that involves intricate folding, twisting, bunching and tying of fabric to obtain complex and beautiful patterns. Nargis uses two or more dye baths of overlapping colors to create this striking effect.

Pacific blue and bronze on white.

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