Singular Couture was founded unexpectedly by artist Sarah Nolan in 2015. Before going to a high-level luncheon where a female Supreme Court justice was speaking, Nolan decided to make an “artist’s coat” to wear. Painting vibrant colored grids on shining golden silk resulted in “Faberge” (see our gallery page for Nolan). Despite most attendees wearing fashionable minimalist black/white/grey, Nolan was surrounded after the luncheon with women wanting a coat like hers. Singular Couture was born.

After managing the growing business from her studio in NYC, Nolan moved to Santa Fe in mid 2016. She found she could easily combine her studio and a gallery in one small retail space. Santa Fe was a natural choice because people from all over the world visit for the art and the experience. In addition, she expanded her search for other artists and found the rich culture of local and Native American art to be perfect for attracting different artistic expressions. The artists were encouraged to view the body as a moving sculpture with their art being seem in the round.

The heart of Singular Couture is that there is great joy in creating and wearing a work of art. Customers continually tell us that they feel different and meet new and different people wearing one of our coats. The originality of both the coat and the wearer can instantly be identified. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.



1807 2nd St., Suite 57, Santa Fe, NM 87505. We're in the Second Street Studio Complex in the heart of Santa Fe's Arts District.

Arrange a visit: call 505-699-0339 or email Kate@SingularCouture.com



Singular Couture garments are original, one of a kind pieces. Each is hand painted with artist's acrylic paint and sewn by an expert tailor locally. We use a special additive designed for use with fabric to help the paint bond with the fiber and not flake. We purchase silks from warehouses in NYC and Los Angeles. The original source of the fabric is India, with a hundreds of years old tradition of silk spinning, dyeing and weaving. We use three kinds of fabric. Shantung is a machine woven 100% silk with a smooth finish. Dupioni is a hand woven 100% silk with a textured finish. Tuxedo silk is a heavier bodied silk/wool or silk/cotton blend with a smooth shiny finish. Our patterns come in 8 sizes from XS to 3X and were designed with a classic timeless look in mind that shows off the artwork to it's best advantage. A link to our sizing chart can be found on every product page. 
Because each piece is one of a kind, you likely will find a design you love that is not your size. Our artists can custom make you that design in your size. This represents about half our business so we know how to work carefully with you and the artists to be sure we make what you want in a perfect fit.
The painting will not be exactly the same as the original but will be very similar. We can do custom fabric and paint colors also, but if the design requested is significantly different from the original we may need to charge a redesign fee. 
We can send fabric swatch samples for approval if you are ordering online, just call and we will work out the details with you. We ask for full payment in advance for special orders.
Cleaning - All finished pieces are dry cleanable. Some cleaning processes and chemicals vary and we cannot guarantee every process. We use One Hour Martinizing and have not had a problem.
Pressing -Use a silk setting on your iron. Ironing on painted sections is allowable, just be a little careful. If the iron starts to grab at all, use a pressing cloth and check that the temperature is not too hot. Steam is fine.
Travel -Singular garments travel well. Fold lengthwise with sleeves folded in, then in thirds. When you unpack the item, shake it out a few times and hang. Press or steam as needed.

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