About Us

      Singular Couture was founded by artist Sarah Nolan in 2013 in New York City. Nolan was invited to attend an important ladies’ luncheon. She was tired of wearing traditional dull colored suits and made a brightly painted gold coat to wear. (See Faberge on our Gallery page.) Other attendees wanted to know where they could get one and Singular Couture was born. The business flourished in Nolan’s New York studio for 2 years until Nolan decided to move back to Santa Fe and opened the business in Plaza Galeria to reach a wider audience. She combined her studio work space and retail gallery in one tiny space for the first year. It became obvious that there needed to be more coats and Nolan sought other artists to try painting on silk as they would a canvas. The artists were encouraged to view the body as a moving sculpture thinking about how all the parts moved in space. The concept of joyfully wearing a piece of art is still the driving force behind Singular Couture.  

      In 2017 the original studio/gallery became the production area and Nolan’s studio. An even larger space was added which became the retail space giving clients easy access to the beautiful coats besides a view of how our coats are created. Our coats are hand painted by 15 amazing artists from varied backgrounds. Their work is as diverse as their backgrounds and all have skill, passion and dedication to art. Many are from the Santa Fe area although others are from numerous other states. The silk is acquired from a silk merchant Nolan found when she lived in New York City. All the tailoring is done locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

      In 2018 Singular Couture went through another transformation. We took down a wall, painted all walls and floors, got new lights, and other accessories that created a bright warm area to view our stunning coats. You can also see the production area and on most days see an artist painting a coat. Nolan is most frequently there ready to greet visitors and charm them with her enthusiasm for what we are creating. We have an artist demonstrating on most Saturdays from 1 – 4 pm.  

      Our wonderful Gallery staff are well-versed in our artists and the stories they are telling with their coats.  We are happy to answer your questions and help you make your selection through our website or in person in our gallery.


Jane, David N., Yvonne, Sarah, Kate, Anthony, Kitty, Kay M., Kay K.