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Artist Raquel Bell

Los Angeles, California

“My painting has always been part meditation, part music. I find incredible joy breathing life into a painting. The images that come forth often represent dreams, and it is my goal to get out of the way of what wants to be revealed. I am often surprised by what I paint. I feel satisfied when I have allowed something from the dream world to show itself in our world.”

“When I was young, I lived in Chinle, Arizona near Canyon de Chelley National Monument. The imagery I experienced during that formative time continues to influence my art profoundly.”

“I received my BFA from the College of Santa Fe (later named Santa Fe University of Art and Design.) I relocated to New York City after graduating and performed and had exhibitions for over 10 years. My original recorded and live sound compositions were performed in New York City and at galleries nationally. I also toured with bands extensively in the United States and Canada.”

“I am now based in Texas and Los Angeles, California. The New Museum, The Blanton Museum of Art, The Japan Society, Dance Theater Workshop, Museum of Human Achievement, and Honey Space Art Gallery are some places I have shown my work.”

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