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Artist Phat Le Trong

Santa Fe, New Mexico

As an immigrant from Vietnam, my notion of art has been hugely affected by changing national and international political situations. I grew up in a communist country, my community—and myself—is the product of a government that targets artists to maintain control over the people’s perception. I want to use art to demonstrate how critical thinking, curiosity, and challenging perception enriches both country and community. 

The excitement of wearable art, which uses clothing as a vessel to expand the artists’ vision toward different audiences, has led me to experience in fashion. In particular, my first Singular coat sparked my interest due to its ability to function as the garnish to an outfit, as well as to define the first visual impression toward an individual. After I graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and earned my MFA at the University of Delaware, I have been focusing on paintings that reflect on the transformation and transparency of the human form both physically and intuitively. Using characteristics from drag queens, superhero figures and supermodels, these paintings are an endeavor to unite masculinity and femininity in figures. Through the figures on silk coats, I aim to research the human conditions of coverage in our images and how that affects the relationship between the social standards and the individuals within. 

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