• Oepa'a Tside (Horizon Bird)
  • Oepa'a Tside (Horizon Bird)
Artist - David Naranjo
Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico
Round Neck
Classic Silhouette
Hip Length
Open Front Coat
100% Silk Jacket and Lining
Two Side Slash Pockets
Features Exclusive Artwork
Dry Clean Only

"Oepa'a Tside (Horizon Bird)" Jacket by David Naranjo

Once again, Narano's superb sense of design and composition come together to make a winner with this brand new jacket. His signature black geometric renderings of traditional Puebloan symbols look particularly elegant against the shimmery finish of the ivory tuxedo silk, echoing the black and white pottery of Puebloan peoples. He shows restraint by keeping the designs mostly to the lower half of the piece, giving a sense of breathing room to the composition and a light touch to the over all look that counters the weight of the geometric shapes. 

On the back side is the abstracted symbol of a bird,"Tside," at the top center of the panel with the upright "feathers" and looping "wings." It rests upon the horizontal arrangement of patterns that create a horizon, with cloud, rain and mountain motifs masterfully worked in.

The simplicity of design and exquisite rendering are the strengths of this outstanding new piece. Picture it over basic black with a chunky silver necklace and earrings for a special evening event. Yet this one can also be worn casually over slacks with a stretch tee or cotton blouse for day use. Either way, you'll look simply amazing!


Parchment tuxedo sil shell with

black shantung silk lining.

David Naranjo's Bio

Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico

“I am a contemporary Puebloan artist and a 2018 graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working in multiple media to depict cultural symbolism through pottery designs and fine geometrical linear work.”

“My inspiration comes from learning the Tewa language of my Pueblo. While learning the language, I obtained a deeper understanding of and connection to our cultural practices and found that a lot can be said with few words because you speak from your heart. I found our way of life to be a form or poetry and seek to show understanding and respect while making art as a form of prayer and ceremony.”

“Puebloan symbols and iconography hold meaning and purpose within our cultural setting. I am creating my own personal narratives and stories using these traditional designs.”

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