Calling in the Rain: David Naranjo Solo Show at Singular Couture

by Daniel Gibson

David Naranjo is a high-tech wizard working with age-old native American aesthetics. He observed, “I like experimenting with different things. I’m a contemporary Puebloan artist working with multiple mediums and geometrical patterns to depict cultural symbolism. I’m utilizing modern forms of design and technology while incorporating traditional Puebloan design motifs and cultural iconography.”

A design by artist David Naranjo

At age 23, the Santa Clara Pueblo artist is already showing amazing creativity, a determined work ethic and boundless enthusiasm. This summer his career takes another leap with a one-person show of his work at Singular Couture.

While many may merely see series of triangles, parallel lines, stepped forms, circles and other geometric shapes in Puebloan pottery and textiles, these forms carry great symbolic significance for their people. “Some may just see them as shapes but we see them as a story.” Zigzags might reflect lightning, or waves of water, and circles the sacred kivas or the Place of Emergence—the Sipapu. Triangles can depict a canyon or a mountain, parallel lines might represent a farming field with its rows of water and plants, or falling rain.

Photography of artist David Naranjo painting a yellow piece of fabric with red paint

“I am creating my own personal narratives and stories using these traditional designs, and establishing a visual dialogue between positive and negative space.”

The show, “Contemporary Traditions,” will run June 30-July 19; it will begin with an artist reception on Saturday, June 30, 2-5 p.m. Singular Couture is located in Plaza Galeria, 66 E. San Francisco Street.

Hand painting drawing a design with red paint on a yellow piece of fabric

Photograph of Artist David Naranjo



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